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The July Lunch-N-Learn with Todd Clark

Todd Clark is the President and Co-Owner of DenaliTEK Incorporated, a Managed Services Provider based In Anchorage. Todd, a lifelong Alaskan with a degree in Computer Science and studies in economics and business, started working in the Alaska IT industry as a Systems Engineer in the 1980’s. As an instructor for both Novell and Microsoft products he taught and collaborated with many of the local IT industry leaders of today. Todd is also the founding president of Cybersecure Alaska. Cybersecure Alaska is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring Alaska has a cybersecure business community. Todd works with Alaskan businesses to provide excellent IT support, cybersecurity, and compliance solutions. 

Topic: Security and compliance duties that cannot be abdicated to IT

  • An overview of cyber risk, specifically in Alaska
  • Security duties every Hospital Department Manager, Physician Practice Administrator, or CEO must fulfill
  • Why an IT provider or department cannot ensure you are secure and compliant
  • How to make the most of your cyber insurance (and make sure you get the coverage you are paying for)
  • Critical questions you must ask of your IT provider or department
  • Three critical steps to take now to ensure you are prepared for the inevitable